Cosmo's Corner

September 16th, 2020

Hello everyone, it’s me, Cosmo! When we posted our “Fall HVAC Maintenance” post a couple weeks ago, some of you may have been surprised that we didn’t mention covering up your AC unit or turning it off. There’s a reason we didn’t mention these common practices, and it’s not because we forgot about them. It’s because even though a lot of people do these things, they can do more harm than good. Here’s why. (more…)


September 8th, 2020

Today The Boss was talking about carbon monoxide. He said it’s really dangerous and that nobody, not even dogs, can smell it. Really?? (more…)


September 2nd, 2020

Hello again, it’s me, Cosmo! The dog days of summer are almost over, so are you ready to help your home transition to fall? Let’s find out with this checklist! (more…)


August 28th, 2020

Hey everybody, Cosmo here! It seems like only yesterday that The Boss was warning us about the negative effects of an oversized AC system. Now that cooling season is on the way out and heating season will soon be upon us, it’s time to talk about the hazards of an oversized furnace.  (more…)


August 24th, 2020

Cosmo here! Today The Boss was telling someone about indoor air quality. He said plants can improve indoor air quality. Who would have guessed?? (more…)


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