March 29th, 2016

Proof Is Possible Tour teaches homeowners and home buyers to take control of their houses with diagnostics, and get proof they got what they paid for

3/29/16, 2016­ Hamilton, NJ

Shopping for home improvements or a new home will never be the same, now that the Proof Is Possible Tour is coming to town. Renowned experts Grace and Corbett Lunsford (with their new baby) are on a 20 ­city U.S. Tour from April 2016­-January 2017 in a high performance tiny house on wheels (THOW). Their mission is simple: to revolutionize the home market by teaching consumers and contractors alike to use scientific testing to prove the work gets done to quality standards.

Each city on the Proof Is Possible Tour is sponsored by a local company who shares the passion for empowering homeowners and changing the game. “New Jersey has the best Home Performance incentives in the country to help homeowners improve their homes energy efficiency, safety, health and durability.” said SG’s Managing Member Scott Greiff, Princeton’s sponsor for the tour. “Despite this, not enough people are taking advantage of these generous programs. Corbett and Grace’s Proof is Possible Tour will help raise awareness about home performance with homeowners in our community in a unique way.”

“Diagnostics for measuring ‘home performance’ have been around since the 1970’s, but despite nationwide media campaigns about energy efficiency and ‘going green’, most homeowners have no idea these tests are best used to prove that home improvements worked,” says tour founder Grace Lunsford. “And if you’re buying a new home, you should ask for the proof that all that money you’re investing is being spent on a quality product. Every builder says they do great work, just like everyone on the highway says they’re great drivers. Now you can scientifically prove whose work is better. This is a win for the contractors too, since they can show up the competition using actual metrics.”

The Proof Is Possible Tour gained a nationwide following months before the schedule was set. The tour is entirely crowdfunded, and in fact reached 119% of its goal on the crowdfund site RocketHub. The Tiny Lab, a tiny house on wheels the couple is building by hand for the tour, is also being collaboratively supported by many manufacturers and suppliers of high performance building products, including PureBond formaldehyde ­free plywood, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Broan/­NuTone, RAB Lighting, 475 High Performance Building Supply, and the test tool companies Dwyer, FLIR, and Retrotec. best explains this unique multi­disciplinary project, a culmination of the couple’s work to date and mission to make the world a better place.

Each week, Sunday­-Saturday, the couple will pull into town with their Tiny Lab and connect with the community through daily open houses leading up to hands on workshops for Homeowners and Realtors on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, free of charge. Corbett Lunsford will also teach a full day training for contractors and Home Performance Professionals for a small fee.

Corbett Lunsford says about the tour, “Most of our clients feel lost and frustrated when confronted with problems in their homes. They turn to old fashioned contractors who give them conflicting opinions based in a myopic view of the house most HVAC pros only focus on the air conditioner, most roofers recommend a roof fix, plumbers only talk about plumbing. Well, there’s a new type of contractor out there who can rescue us from opinions. We need to seek out the companies who rely on diagnostics, so we can know exactly what the source of any problem is and exactly how to solve it without flushing lots of money and years of time down the toilet. Our TV show Home Diagnosis will show Americans exactly how to really take ownership of their home the place where they spend the most time and the most money. The days of disastrous home improvements and brand new ‘money pits’ are over.”

Grace and Corbett will also film an episode of their forthcoming TV show Home Diagnosis in Princeton. Gold Star Contractors certified by the Building Performance Institute were challenged by BPI to come on board the tour by matching the sponsorship with an episode of the show. SG Heating and Air Conditioning jumped at the special. Greiff added, “Their road show from a high Performance Tiny House on Wheels and TV show encourages homeowners to do their part to help the environment while saving money and creating a more comfortable home. It’s a win/win and we wanted to make sure Princeton had this opportunity.”

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