July 25th, 2020

Cosmo here! You humans have it so easy. If it gets too hot, you can just change into lighter clothes, get yourself an ice-cold beer, or take a cold shower. We dogs sometimes have a harder time cooling off when the mercury rises. With your help though, we can stay just as comfortable as you! On behalf of dogs (and cats) everywhere, let’s share some ways to keep your pets cool this summer:

Protect us from the sun.

On hot days, pets should stay out of direct sunlight. Don’t leave them outside too long if your property doesn’t have a shady spot to rest in.   

Monitor our body temperature and know the signs of heatstroke.

According to the ASPCA, pets can show signs of heatstroke in a variety of ways. Dogs and cats pant to stay cool, but excessive panting is never a good sign. Dogs and cats may both have difficulty breathing or experience an increase in their respiratory rate or heart rate. In serious cases, dogs and cats may become weak and even collapse. The body temperature of a dog or cat should never reach or pass 104°F. Also, remember that some animals are more prone to heatstroke than others. For Persian cats, Pugs, and other breeds that have flat faces, panting is more difficult. If your pet has a heart- or lung-related health condition, is overweight, or is getting on in years, these can make your pet more susceptible to heatstroke.

Keep us hydrated.

When it’s hot, people get thirsty – and so do pets! Make sure your pet’s bowl has plenty of cool, fresh water throughout the day. 

Give us our exercise responsibly.

If the weather forecast predicts a hot day, take your dog out for a walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon.   

Keep us groomed. 

There’s more to grooming than looking good. Proper grooming also offers a major health benefit. Hair that is too long can make your pet hot, but it shouldn’t be cut too short, either. Your pet’s hair serves as insulation and also protects an animal’s skin from UV rays. To get your pet’s hair just right, the safest bet is to go to a professional groomer.

Give us cool surfaces to walk on.

Mother Nature gave dogs and cats a nifty way of staying cool – through their paws! Because this area of a dog or cat’s body is sensitive to temperatures, they don’t like walking on hot asphalt and are more likely to overheat if they have to stand or lie on a hot surface for too long. If the surface is too hot for your hand, your pet won’t be comfortable walking on it. When your pet goes outside, you can hose down hot surfaces like asphalt and sidewalks to make them more tolerable.

Don’t leave us in cars!

Tragically, dozens of dogs die each year as a result of being left in hot cars. AAA has warned about the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars, and the same rule goes for pets. Never leave your pet alone in your car, even if you’re only running into a convenience store and think you’ll be back a minute later. To avoid forgetting your pet in your vehicle, you can set reminders on your phone or leave an essential item, such as your wallet or purse, in the backseat. If you see a pet unattended in someone else’s car, call 911. Leaving an animal unattended in a car is illegal in many states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania!

Keep us (and yourself) comfortable with AC.

Air conditioning is arguably the best way of controlling your house’s temperature during the summer. To keep everyone in your home comfortable on even the hottest days, reliable AC is an essential purchase for your home.  When a home’s AC system needs repair or replacement, residents of Princeton, NJ and surrounding areas know the company to call: SG Heating & Air Conditioning LLC. Contact us today via this form or by calling 609-448-1273.

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