June 22nd, 2022

Cosmo again! A while ago, we wrote about the life expectancy of water heaters and other HVAC equipment. I’m still not sure whether we’re using dog years or people years here, but that’s not my only question. 

The life expectancy of a water heater is usually about 10 years for tank-style models and approximately 20 years for tankless water heaters. That’s a rough guideline, not a magic number. So how do you know when exactly the right time is to replace your water heater?? 
You can take out a lot of guesswork by knowing the signs to look out for. These symptoms indicate that an old water heater is no longer fully functional, and that you’d be better off with a new one. 

Not Enough Hot Water

The most likely sign that your water heater should be replaced is also probably the most obvious – your water heater becomes less reliable, and sometimes you run out of hot water. Running out of hot water can be caused by sediment buildup near the burner within the tank. This makes the heating less efficient, often to the point that the heater can longer meet the demand for hot water. 

Sediment can cause also cause temperature fluctuations, noises from the water heater, and delayed heating. Flushing out the water heater annually will help remove the sediment, but sooner or later, all water heaters will need replacement. 

Rust in Your Hot Water

If your water heater is rusting on the inside, it’s a likely explanation for rust in your hot water, and it’s a sign that you water heater is overdue for replacement. The way to tell whether the rust is coming from your water heater, and not your pipes or plumbing fixtures, is by seeing whether there’s rust in your hot water but not your cold water. Rusty water is an obvious problem – you don’t want to use it for bathing or other everyday hot water uses. Plus, rust is a sign that your water heater is prone to start leaking.  


Speaking of leaks, they’re another sign that water heater replacement is overdue. Over time, the expansion of metal caused by changes in temperature can cause fractures and cracks to develop in the tank. Leaks are sometimes repairable, but if your water heater is near or past its expected lifespan, replacement is the wiser option. Even the highest-quality repair on an old water heater will only last so long. Something else may go wrong, or you can have a catastrophic failure, and the cost of water heater repairs in your Princeton, NJ home will add up to more than the cost of a new installation. 

Is your water heater past its prime or not working the way it used to? Don’t be afraid to move forward with a replacement. Not only will it save you from the inconvenience of future, frequent repairs, but it can offer long-term savings if you upgrade to a more energy-efficient
water heater installation in Mercer County, NJ. You can also get immediate savings, thanks to the $50 discount we’re currently offering on any water heater replacement. (Click here to learn more). Contact us using this form or by calling us at 609-448-1273!

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