March 16th, 2020

To our valued friends & customers,

Our inboxes are filled with COVID-19 e-mails from many businesses and organizations. The panic this virus has caused is incredible. People with children have found their schools are closing. My curling club cancelled all leagues temporarily. Toilet paper is in short supply, although I’m not sure why? Sport events, movies, etc. are closed. The news media, as is its wont, is whipping people into a frenzy. Politicians are using the outbreak to gain advantage.

It is our belief that, we should be getting our medical information, unfiltered, from the medical experts. To that end we’d like you to have links to various expert resources that can provide you with relatively unbiased information about the disease. We’ve also included links to some resources if you’re financially impacted by the COVID-19 fallout, as we have been.

Please check out these resources below:

This is the official website of the Centers for Disease Control, and is loaded with Corona Virus information.

This is the Corona Virus page in the online Merck Manual, a respected professional medical resource for decades.

WHO (World Health Organization) WHO is the international organization whose mission is: “WHO works worldwide to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable.”

For people suffering financial losses as a result of the virus, there are some other resources. For example, in New Jersey employees who have been temporarily laid off due to a voluntary or involuntary closure by their employer can collect Unemployment Insurance. It is unclear whether Pennsylvania will follow suit, but the Federal Government has allowed all state to do this.

Banks, credit card companies and mortgage companies are, for the most part, making accommodations for customers as they would for any natural disaster. The President just announced that student loan interest would be waived.

Our company will take up all recommended measures, i.e. avoiding handshakes, frequent hand washing, having sick employees stay home. We will do our best to help you when you need us.

In the end, our advice is to do as Winston Churchill said:

“Keep calm and carry on.”

Scott Greiff

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