Cosmo's Corner

December 22nd, 2022

Cosmo here! Did you know our company is hiring? There’s never been a better time to take the next step in your career in the trades! We’re looking for year-round, full-time employees. We need HVAC Technicians, Plumbers and Electricians who will stay and grow with us, who want a CAREER, not just a job. So why should you work at SG Heating & Air Conditioning LLC?   (more…)


August 25th, 2022

A man in a suit stands in front of several doors as he tries to decide which one to enter

Jim was feeling the pressure. He was getting it from his friends. He was getting from his parents. He was getting from his teachers. Everyone wanted to know where he wanted to go to school. His problem was he didn’t want to go anywhere. He had to decide what he was going to do. Jim was a decent student. He did well on his SAT’s and he always figured he would go to college like everyone else. But lately, he was having second thoughts. (more…)


August 3rd, 2022

Hello everybody, Cosmo here! Generators can “generate” a lot of questions… but we have answers! (more…)


April 5th, 2022

Cosmo here, with some exciting news from SG Heating & Air Conditioning LLC! We’ve just been crowned the winner of this year’s national “Show Us Your Install” competition for our work on a commercial water heater installation in Bordentown, NJ! (more…)


February 22nd, 2022

Cosmo here! I like to sniff, but I don’t like to sniffle. Apparently, improving your Indoor Air Quality is one of the best ways to reduce sniffling, sneezing, and other unpleasant symptoms. Tell me more! (more…)


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