July 26th, 2016

Today I lost my best friend of eleven years – Spirit, a large Boxer/Pit mix. He was a rescue, adopted from a local organization, AFEW. When I went to adopt a dog, I asked if they had a Chihuahua or maybe a Dachshund. They said “we’ve got the perfect dog for you,” and brought out a 95# mutt with a head like an alligator. Although I had a small dog in mind, they were right. He was a gentleman. He sat, stayed, heeled, was gentle and sweet, a really lovely dog. For eleven years he was a faithful companion, always at my side. When he first was diagnosed with cancer, I began bringing him to work with me so that if something happened he wouldn’t be alone. He made friends with all the staff and the regular visitors, and loved to lay out in the sun. More than two years after the initial diagnosis, he finally succumbed to the disease. To say that I am heartbroken is an understatement. Here is a Kipling poem that speaks to the pain of losing a dog better than I can… SG ripspirit

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