We Install, Repair, and Replace Boilers in the Hamilton, NJ Area

If your boiler needs repair or is due for replacement, SG Heating & Air Conditioning LLC has the knowledge and equipment to get you through the winter in warmth and comfort. We install several brands of hot water and steam boilers, including Bosch, Buderus, Weil-McLain, and Lochinvar. We’re one of the few companies that still services steam boilers, as skill that is becoming increasingly rare as this technology gets phased out. Nobody likes a cold house or business, and winters in our service area (Princeton, West Windsor, Cranbury, Millstone, and other towns in and around Mercer County), can be brutally cold. Keep the chill at bay with a boiler repair or installation from SG Heating & Air Conditioning!

How Boilers Work

Boilers use a radiant heating process, which starts when water in the boiler is heated to a set temperature or boiled off to generate steam. The heated water or steam circulates through pipes, raising the building’s temperature by radiating heat through baseboard heaters, radiators, or under-floor tubing. Since these heating systems don’t use forced air, there’s no ductwork involved and they are very quiet. Energy-efficiency is one advantage of boiler-based heating systems. Water heats up faster and stays hot longer than air, so it’s a highly efficient heat source compared to forced air systems. In steam boilers, some of the water will turn to steam and then turn back into water, meaning it can be reused. Furthermore, since the heat is coming from the floor and baseboards, heat is distributed from the ground up. Even as warm air rises and cold air sinks, the boiler keeps supplying heat where it can be felt the most. We install conventional and combination boilers, which are boilers that also serve as tankless water heaters.

Boiler Repair

Even though the boilers we install are among the best on the market, there’s always the possibility that a boiler will need repair somewhere down the line. Here are a few of the most common boiler issues we’ve seen and addressed:

Boiler Leaking

Leaks can originate from a variety of sources. It could be an issue with a pressure valve, pump seal, or another internal component. Excessive pressure can cause a leak from the system’s pressure relief valve. Corrosion can cause a leak to occur around the system’s pipes. Whatever the issue, we can diagnose it and proceed with the proper repair or replacement.  

Low Boiler Pressure

Water leaks and bleeding radiators are the most common causes of pressure leaks. If your boiler is leaking, it will either become less efficient or stop working entirely. 

Strange Noises Coming from Boilers

Air in the system, faulty pumps, low water pressure, or limescale buildup are all common culprits of boiler noises. These sounds can include vibrations, bangs, and gurgling noises, and can be signs of a developing issue.

Boiler Installation

If your boiler has an issue that’s beyond repair, either because the problem is too severe or because the boiler is near or past its average lifespan, don’t worry. Our technicians have installed countless boilers, and we can install yours too, with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. Like most HVAC components, the most important factor in ensuring a long, efficient life for your boiler is the installation, not the product itself, so be sure to choose the right company to handle your boiler installation. Call us to speak to a customer service representative at 609-448-1273 or fill out this form for quality boiler repair and installation in the Hamilton, NJ area! 
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